Proven Funnel Strategy That Sells Fully Custom Websites
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Proven Funnel Strategy That Sells Fully Custom Websites

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Proven Funnel Strategy That Sells Fully Custom Websites

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Proven Funnel Strategy That Sells Fully Custom Websites
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Proven Funnel Strategy That Sells Fully Custom Websites

In this blog post, I'm going to share with you one of my favorite strategy to sell custom websites.

Table Of Content:

  1. Understand How To Stand Out Your Design Agency
  2. Automatically Generating 5-10 Appointments Per Week
  3. Which Social Media Platform Works Best For Contacting Paying Customers? 

1. Understand How To Stand Out Your Design Agency

So a few months after I finished building my portfolio and began to realize the importance of developing relationships with buyers (a.k.a lead nurturing), I started searching into the issue. It was something I heard before obviously, but never really tested nor mastered...

And it baffled me that I hadn't read more about it, as I'd been willing to become an entrepreneur for a good 12 months at the time… But either way, I knew lead nurturing was something I needed to learn, and the best way of learning (I believed) was to research and test. Therefore, as I'm sure you can imagine (as a web designer), there was NOT much information about this specific topic out there. Most of the content I was finding was irrelevant to my niche.

So I started writing copy messages that I was sending 1 by 1 on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin. I was literally spending entire days, sending 200 messages trying to get at least 10 responses so I can close 1 deal.

I knew what I had to offer was a fantastic deal, and I knew I would be able to help them regain their investment in a short period of time. But no matter how many people I reached out to, I could never get anybody to work with me on a constant basis (besides friends and word-to-mouth). People were seeing my messages but were not showing any sign of interest nor replying.

This aftermath was making no sense to me at first, considering I was offering a relatively low price for what was included in my package.

I then kept on testing different copy messages while continuing to come across an entrepreneur named Joel Kaplan.

At the time, I'd never really heard of him, but I immediately realized his idea of funnels and strategies were different from what I was doing, and I could also relate it to website design which was crucial for me...

And I could tell he knew what he was doing, so I decided to watch a Youtube video he had created. And in that video, he mentioned how he had learned a strategy for his entrepreneurial career.

For me, It was only after seeing how he was able to skyrocket his business in little time that I started to realize the problem didn't have anything to do with my offer. The main issue was that I wasn't bringing enough free value to my potential clients before explaining to them what I could do for them.


So after hearing Joel Kaplan's story, I immediately realized that generating appointments has nothing to do with the offer, fancy words, or tricking people… It was just understanding how to bring free value to these people (early in the relationship), because once you’re able to do that, then “phone calls” gets pretty easy.

Generating appointments consistently vs inconsistently by Creadiz

Now, what you need to know is that, it's the simple version of it. The hard part is understanding exactly HOW to make people love you before you even get on the phone with them…

Or, more importantly, understanding how to stand out with all the noise there is today… Which is exactly what we're going to cover right now.

2. Automatically Generating 5-10 Appointments Per Week

The first important step of creating a profitable lead nurturing system (a.k.a. funnel) is getting targeted leads to enter it. This doesn't sound too hard at the surface, as you're obviously aware of who you can help… But if you think you can help" everyone", that is a problem because when you have too many targets, it becomes impossible to aim whereas when you define your demographic and focus on a specific niche, finding client becomes easier.

Benefits Of Targeting Specific Industry For Designers

But again, with all the noise (and scams) out there today — people are hesitant to talk to anybody, EVEN IF you can build the perfect website for them.

That's the same reason you'll see so many people outreaching on every single channel today; that way, they can officially start a "client relationship" and follow up with them later...

But as most entrepreneurs learn the hard way, it's definitely easier said than done. Now don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying outreach doesn't work. But I am saying 90% of the way it is used gets little (if any) conversions, and that’s simply because they don’t provide any personal value to their target market. 

Instead of giving a little bit of thought and actually creating free value their targeted industry will want, for some unknown reason…

A lot of online entrepreneurs think people are so dumb that they will give you their trust and let you redesign their website right away, and lol — that’s far from the case.

This is why it’s ESSENTIAL to research your target audience first, as you want to discover specifically what elements are needed on their website…

Then after you’ve identified what is necessary for their website to have, that’s when you start implementing the "Video Audit Strategy" to help them implement this and start getting targeted leads that way.

Now, lucky you, to this day, I have done hundreds of video audits so I can share with you what has been working best for me in the past.

If you were to do a video audit, you would want to start by telling them 1 or 2 things (not more) they are doing well on their website to make them think their website is not entirely useless but then, for instance, for:


  • A lawyer, you’d want to mention 3-5 negative things that you see on their site (by backing up your statement) and then give them the top 3 best elements that they need on their website that will ultimately get them more clients. Maybe they are missing a "free consultation form" --> Make sure you mention it in the video.

  • A real estate agent, you’d want to go over what they have done wrong on their website. Right after that, you can give them the top 3 “go-to” strategies (that you researched before) to implement on their site so that it increases their number of leads.

  • Fitness, again, you’d want to tell them what they are doing wrong, and then let them know how displaying things differently can bring them more members… It can be that their website is not optimized for mobile, or some of their links are broken --> Make sure you mention all of these things.


And the list could go on forever, but remember, at this stage — you only want to bring them value and help them fix their most consistent problem. There’s no need to go way over the top and talk for 15 minutes as it just overwhelms people…

But at the same time, you want to give them something that’ll actually help them, as that will not only get you many leads in little time, but it’ll also show them you know what you’re doing…

Finally, you always want to show them an example of what a leader in their industry has (or something you designed) for the same industry so they can compare their website with the most competent ones.


And the rest of the sales process gets easy after that.


If you want to know the exact software I use for my video audits, and a long list of possible things people can improve on their websites, click here to get access.

3. Which Social Media Platform Works Best For Contacting Paying Customers?

As for what type of platform (i.e., Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, etc.) works best…


I think I’ve tried every platform out there, and I can honestly say it depends on your target industry and where they are most active, but from my own experience, Linkedin has been the most effective and efficient.


If anything, it seems like people are more likely to sign up for “easy access” platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram, because that is where people are the most active.


But that attracts a lot more tire kickers, puts your messages to the “request tab” and in turn, means less of them are going to convert into paying customers.


On the other hand, if you go places where people are more serious and require professionalism, like Linkedin...


Then it is easier to automate your business on it (using software like LinkedinHelper), and your message's opening rate will be much higher, taking into consideration you have the good approach, which is what I’m covering in my FREE video training.


With this technique, people are going to love the approach (finally reply), and when they do, they’re certainly interested in what you have to offer… Which creates a higher conversion rate.


To recap:


  1. Research your target industry and discover what’s really needed on their website. It's essential to keep that necessity defined right now, as you don't want to go over the top and overwhelm potential clients. Still, if you can immediately bring them value and help them solve a problem — then you're already in good graces.


  1. Always make sure your video audit makes sense by plugging it into the simple formula of: “You are doing well [1-2 things], therefore [3-5 negative things with explanations]. This is [an example of what the bests have in your industry] and they see [ show results]”.


  1. The platform in which you send "my most converting message" does matter, because some of them will place messages in the request tab more than others.


If you are wondering which software I use for outreach, simply click here and learn how to automate and market your agency, as well as get clients sold on a project.

If you made it to the end of this post I salute you. Knowing all of this will put you ahead of the trend when it comes to generating A LOT of appointments for your business.

But bare with me because in the next post, I will be talking about my "Top Tricks To Boost Your Cold Outreach Strategy Quick"

See you there :)


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