Story From Selling Bad Websites To Amazing Custom Websites
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Story From Selling Bad Websites To Amazing Custom Websites

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Story From Selling Bad Websites To Amazing Custom Websites

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Story From Selling Bad Websites To Amazing Custom Websites
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Story From Selling Bad Websites To Amazing Custom Websites (Worth More And Faster)

Hey what's up? Thanks for starting reading this blog post series on how I went from selling bad websites to selling fully responsive custom websites worth thousands of dollars that take me just a few hours to build…

And as you'll see throughout the entire series, this is a subject I really love talking about. Not because I just want to talk about my life or anything like it, but because after working with dozens of online entrepreneurs, agency owners, and designers over the years, and from all sorts of backgrounds…

I can say with confidence this is a topic that a lot of people can relate to.

It seems like most people who create websites think that using templated platforms is the way to go because it's fast and simple. But as I'm sure you know, that's the easy way that won't allow you to scale your business.

It'd be the equivalent of taking an exam with the answers; fast and simple. But is it the right way? No, and I'll show you how to get around that throughout this series of posts...

But before I walk you through how to get around templated platform, I would like to briefly define custom websites so we are on the same page...

Custom websites are generally built from scratch, meaning without the use of a template or layout. Per consequence, custom designs can go from $3,000 for a small business site with not many pages to $30,000 and more for a more complex design. Pricing depends highly on advanced functionality which is why designers who personalize websites have the opportunity to scale their business.

What we need to keep in mind at the same time is that custom web design goes beyond the simple look of a website. Designers might be required to do some back-end coding for complexed functionality, SEO implementation, content writing, APIs, eCommerce features, funnels and so on.

Now, I would like to go over the goal and a brief overview of how this guide works.

I always liked to do this beforehand; that way, I don't waste your time if you are not that person...

2. Secrets Behind Building Custom Websites Worth Thousands Of Dollars

The main goal of this series is pretty straight-forward. I want to share with you everything you need to know to sell websites worth thousands of dollars in a more efficient way. I'm doing this because I’ve seen, every single day for the past 3 years, too many inefficient, unappealing and identical websites…

And I’ve been in touch with too many agency owners and designers, who unfortunately miss crucial elements on their websites. Per consequence, this stops them from selling more, simply because their site is not a purple cow, in other words, it does not stand out.

Purple Cow - Create Things Worth Noticing by Creadiz

As for who this series is for; it is for agencies, entrepreneurs, and designers who are planning on selling websites and charge their clients much more for it (and guess what, without writing any lines of code).

I say that because that was one of my clients' biggest concerns over recent years, and it appears like each, and every one of these agencies/entrepreneurs always had the exact same message…

"I’m selling websites, but I’m struggling to differentiate myself, feel like I can’t scale my business, neither charge my clients more for websites."


Which ultimately leaves them with two options:


1. Continue creating or having basic websites that look like thousands of other ones.

2. Or figure out how to scale their business and start designing custom websites without having to know how to code, which is exactly what we’re going to cover today.


And I believe this works best for people who are willing to make a change, as I’m only going to share a new way for you to sell custom websites worth thousands of dollars in the most efficient way. If you wish to learn about the actual website creation so you can really customize anything you want, a video course has been created for this exact purpose.

But even if you have never created a website yet, this content will still be valuable for you as it will significantly reduce A LOT of time from your learning curve when you’re ready to jump into the process of designing your first site.

Alright, that’s all for the goal of this series of posts…

Now one last thing I always like to mention before jumping into the actual series is a brief overview of how I end up in this position... And I'm not here because I like bragging myself up at all. But I just noticed that learning from somebody is always easier when you can relate to (or at least understand) their story…

3. How I Started Selling Custom Websites On My Own


It actually began 3 years ago when I delivered a website to a client.

This was during a time in my life where I was a new freelancer who was really struggling to make ends meet. I was a student-athlete and on top of that working 40 hours a week trying to figure everything out…

So after finishing that website, my client was not satisfied with the final result whereas I thought I had done everything he asked me for but I guess, he wanted something more unique. This got me really frustrated because I did not have much freedom with the platform I was working with, which turned out to be a turning point for me.

From that day, I decided that something had to change! I needed something different and that’s when I discovered a new platform that changed my life. I invested in an accelerated 3 days webinar that teaches you some basics about that new platform and since that day I have not spend a day without telling myself that it was the best change I could have done in my professional career.

I was finally able to design websites the way I wanted. This tool was more complex at first since there were no barriers in terms of design creation but better for sure 100%. Once I got used to the platform, I reached back to that same client and offered him to make his website (in just a week) for no additional cost but on that new platform I discovered.

After I delivered the new website, he was amazed. His reaction was true, and he was fully happy with how the whole design turned out. On my hand, I was relieved to finally fulfill his expectations and found that platform (that I’ll be mentioning in the next blog posts).

And even though it took me a while to master this new design tool, once I did — I started to see the one reason why most companies struggle to create and sell websites worth thousands of dollars.


We’ll go over this in further detail throughout this blog post series, but one of the easiest ways to understand this is by referring to the analogy I used earlier…

Where most people sell websites using templated platforms, and that’s the equivalent of taking an exam with the answers next to you without getting caught.

I like using this analogy because when you put it that way, most people realize how absurd it is to even try this…

But nevertheless, if that’s the only thing you took away from this series, then I guarantee you’re already light years ahead of most designers.

I can’t explain how much it hurts my ears to hear struggling designers and developers spend so much time on projects while being paid so little, and on top of that, they are stressed on knowing “when is their next client going to be?”

And all this boils down to one thing — they didn’t have an automated system in place that turns leads into paying customers, nor a way to build complete custom websites quickly which is specifically what we’re going to cover right now.

I’m going to do this by dividing this topic down into the 3 main parts of a funnel strategy that (actually) allows you to sell custom websites at a higher price, all times of the week, which are:

Part #1 — Proven Funnel Strategy That Sells Fully Custom Websites.

Part #2 — Top Tricks To Boost Your Cold Outreach Strategy Quick.

Part #3 — The Best Design Builder To Sell 5-Figures Websites.

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Proven Funnel Strategy That Sells Fully Custom Websites