A person passionate about obstacle course races who decided to provide free workouts.

What the owner said:

I was amazed by the design Logan came up with. I had just explained to him my business, gave him the infos and he was able to come up with a full design within a few days. The desktop version has a lot of interactions that I love and the mobile/tablet view is just stunning and user friendly. Within only 10 days, Logan was able to create about 40 pages and took care of the whole SEO part. I'm very happy with his work and professionalism.

Ocrworkout Team

About This Project

"When I got the whole idea explained to me I was really excited to work on this project. I knew it would be the longest project I will be working on but I liked the challenge. I thought it was a good opportunity to differentiate this website from any other personal trainer websites or fitness program websites.

"I wanted to create something unique!"

I came up with the idea to optimize the tablet, mobile landscape and mobile portrait and make it look like an app. Thanks to its fixed bar at the bottom of the page (instead of a fixed menu bar at the top), visitors are able to navigate through the website by having the app experience.

I really enjoyed working on this project and wish the best to the team at ocrworkout"

New Design In Process
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