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What the owner said:

"Logan and his team did a fantastic job for Voila Social’s Website. I loved every part of it. The design is clean, elegant, and unique. The best part was probably how fast they were able to execute. Within 10 days I had a new website. Logan was able to make some modifications I desired within just 2 days. The website loads fast and is optimized for mobile. It is well worth my investment. Thank you for your great work and you got all our support."

Will Boyce

About This Project

The owner of Voila Social, Will, decided to trust me for the design of its website. I did not have a lot of experience at the time and not much prior study case to show. I managed to come up with a design in a few days and deliver a website fully optimized for any devices in approximately 10 days. A few month later, I've been asked to add two more pages on the website which I was able to do in only 2 days. Voila Social was a startup that needed a fresh, modern and simple design to sell its services online and also give the opportunity for people to set meetings directly online. I learnt a lot throughout this project and I'm glad that I was able to match WIll's expectations.

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