Become a designer Build unique websites At your own pace.

The Discovery

Whatever the reason is you need to build a website for, you want to tell a story and you want the best tool which is from our own experience Webflow.
You are hopefully looking for uniqueness and not a regular template. We’ve worked on different platforms before like Wix, Wordpress and Squarespace and all of them are limited because you can only change what the developer decided you to change.
Be ready to deliver outstanding websites in a few hours even if you are just getting started with WebDesign.

What You'll Learn

  • Build a modern and interactive custom website in 6 hours.

  • How to get started with your designs.

  • Handoff websites to clients in a way that makes them LOVE and THANK you.

  • How to deliver a website and set all the analytics.

  • How to have creative freedom and say no to templates.

  • Automate and market your business

  • Techniques to sell websites to clients


What's included

Everything necessary to allow you to build custom design websites independently & profitably
Full video training “The WEBFLOW SECRETS COURSE: From design to live website in hours”
(50+ videos, and growing!)
Section 1
Fundamentals Of Webflow

Understanding the basis of Webflow even if you have no prior experience with web design or HTML/CSS.

Section 2
Design Process Secrets

See how I go from no design idea to a complete designed mockup and ultimately export it on Webflow.

Section 3
Trigger Interactions

Improve UI/UI thanks to various interactions and create a reaction that is unique to your website.

Section 4
Content Management System - CMS

Discover the powerful user-friendly Webflow CMS that saves you hours of work.

Section 5
Finalising & Delivering Websites

Everything you need to check after designing a website, either it is for a client or for yourself. From pointing a domain, to set up analytics to even training your clients.

Section 6
Automation & Marketing

Automating repetitive tasks via software can go a long way toward saving time and improving overall productivity.

Section 7
VA Hiring Process

Everything on how to hire VAs at a really low cost and how to train them. Decide specific tasks you want to delegate, create a job post on VA websites, make a hiring funnel, and interview your top applicants

Section 8
Sales Process

All my process on how to start a conversation, how to engage with the client, and how to prepare potential objections.

Section 9
Extra Content

Learn how to make video audits to potential clients, translate your website to another language in just a few minutes and much more...

Section 8
Sales Process

Within this section you will be able to see how has been designed a few websites for specific Industries.

Course Syllabus

WelcomeHow to use this course efficiently (7:44)Fundamentals of WebflowWebflow Overview [9:13]Elements [9:54]Layouts & Display Settings [05:40]Position [03:31]Structure your work [14:23]Creating your first Webflow site [43:58]Make your site responsive [12:22]Design Process SecretsHow to get started with your design? [06:59]Sketch : Learn the basics [16:00]Designing your first mockup on Sketch [23:33]Exporting your Sketch work to Webflow [39:54]Trigger Interactions Why do you need interactions? [2:30]Reveal elements on scroll [5:36]Pop-Up appears after 5 seconds [9:10]Pop-Up appears on scroll [5:02]Pop-Up appears on click [8:56]Masterize your Navbar [10:44]Navbar for one-page sites [2:47]Creating a horizontal scrolling page without coding [6:18]Front & back div element [10:29]Create modern user-friendly mobile menus [5:49]Content Management System - CMSIntro to the Webflow CMS [1:32]Static vs. dynamic content [4:35]Collection page [6:23]Collection list [7:33]Creating a blog with the Webflow CMS [12:21]
Show More
Show Less
Finalising & Delivering WebsitesConnecting a domain [7:09]Billing a Client [4:15]Setting up SEO [3:42]Setting up forms [8:38]Integrate ReCAPTCHA to prevent spam [3:51]Google Universal Analytics Tracking ID [2:26]Transferring website to clients [5:09]The process of delivering [6:58]Webflow training for client [6:08]Automation & MarketingCold email outreach [6:05]LinkedIn automation [4:46]VA Hiring ProcessOverview [1:36]Post job application [2:11]Canned response & Google form [1:52]Interview process [1:20]Final decision and last details [1:43]Sales ProcessGet ready before a sales call [2:15]The Call [7:42]How to end a sales call [4:12]Extra ContentVideo audit for outreach [2:34]Translate your entire site to any language [3:43]
30 day, no questions asked money back guarantee if you are not happy with the webflow secrets materials.
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Got Questions?

How long does the course take?As I am aware that everyone’s time is very limited these days and you probably have lots of work and family commitments, I’ve tried to make the webflow secrets course as essential as possible. You can learn in your own pace and take time to practice and follow along the demoed projects but it requires a minimum of 6 hours to complete the course.What are the skills required?
There is no necessary knowledge required when signing up for the webflow secrets course (not Webflow nor HTML/CSS). If you do have Webflow experience, I will guide you step-by-step and explain pretty much everything that is included in the platform. You will also have access to a private group to learn even more from other designers.Do I need to pay for a Webflow account?
You can get started and follow along the Webflow Secrets course with a free Webflow account, however, I think it will be more beneficial to you, and will actually help you increase your chances of success if you’ll commit and upgrade to at least the CMS hosting for your website.What’s the difference between the Webflow Secrets course and Webflow’s university?
While Webflow has amazing technical videos showing you how the features of the software works, my focus is on HOW to implement those features on REAL client work and examples. I also discuss working with clients (and solutions to their objections), which is not covered by the Webflow team. I walk you through my sales process as well how I automate my business which is unique.
30 day, no questions asked money back guarantee if you are not happy with the webflow secrets materials.
Payment is processed and secured by Stripe and payPal by 128bit SSL encrypted payment.