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  • Fundamentals Of Webflow (7 videos) :
    Even if you have no prior experience with web design or HTML/CSS, learn how to create pages on Webflow.
  • Design Secrets (4 videos) :
    Go from no design idea to a complete designed mockup and then export it on Webflow.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Cold Outreach (PDF File) :
    A new way to generate 10 to 15 appointments per week with key decision-makers and start selling Websites to them.
WEbsite hacks $47 INSTEAD OF $377

Course Syllabus

WelcomeHow to use this course efficiently (7:44)Fundamentals of WebflowWebflow Overview [9:13]Elements [9:54]Layouts & Display Settings [05:40]Position [03:31]Structure your work [14:23]Creating your first Webflow site [43:58]Make your site responsive [12:22]Design Process SecretsHow to get started with your design? [06:59]Sketch : Learn the basics [16:00]Designing your first mockup on Sketch [23:33]Exporting your Sketch work to Webflow [39:54]The Ultimate Guide To Cold OutreachBecome a master at cold outreaching

Who Is Your Instructor?

Logan is a Freelance Designer that has built multiple 5-figures a month selling websites using these exact strategies he just mentioned above.

He started his first company at the age of 20 doing eCommerce, Marketing and Sell but for the past 2 years, he became an expert selling websites using the Webflow platform. He helped many different business owners, agencies and entrepreneurs scale their business.

Moving his native city (Paris) at the age of 18, Logan is determined to extend opportunity to all, expand outside his geographic area and start helping people online.

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